Our cupcakes are not only adorable, but oh so yummy too! Whether it be their petite size, their delicious icing, pretty designs or scrumptious flavours, cupcakes really do have the ultimate appeal, and every generation loves them. You can be sure that they will bring a smile to anyone’s day.

Choosing cupcakes is a fresh approach to serving a traditional, single cake. They are individual servings, that are highly decorative and can be presented in a number of ways. You can arrange your cupcakes on a platter or on a cupcake stand or tower. We have an assortment of flavors and are able to customise your cupcakes for any occasion. But let us warn you, our signature butter cream icing is very addictive!

Yummies produces cupcakes in three different sizes, mini, regular and large. This allow us to provide the perfect size for your needs.